Pinpoint Persuasion

Pinpoint Persuasion: Campaign Tools for Today’s Politics

Many online firms try to impress you with their ability to target, match or otherwise reach voters or groups with a simple click.

Spot-On doesn’t make those claims for a simple reason: They aren’t reliable.

Matching doesn’t work for anything smaller than a Congressional Race. IP “addresses” aren’t stable, “cookies” don’t last.

By contrast, an overwhelming number of regular news readers – 90% or more – are voters.

Spot-On’s Pinpoint Persuasion analytics will give you detailed information about how your campaign is performing. We list sites, creative, clicks and conversion – in one clear report designed for busy political professionals.

AND the Spot-On Virtual Precinct Captain can coordinate your online buys for ALL vendors so all your online activity is one easy to understand report.

Spot-On Virtual Slate Card

The award-winning Spot-On Virtual Slate Card is the most effective way to extend a campaign’s reach – at a price point almost every candidate can afford.

Virtual Slate Card offers one shared ad buy for several candidates at the same time. Ads can be targeted to specific parts of a state, city, county or region.


So a caucus, a union, a civic organization or a trade association can reach the voters who matter the most – locals – with ads tailored to their neighborhood, city or region.

Campaigns split the total cost so they expand their reach.

Voters see the candidate working for them – not just a bland one-size-fits-all endorsement.


The San Francisco Democratic Party won a prestigious
Pollie Award for using the
Spot-On Virtual Slate Card.

Insider Tip: Checking Up

Roughly 60% of persuadable voters go online to verify a campaign’s claims or a candidate’s record. Spot-On Ads makes sure your online ads find them.

Insider Tip: Analytics 101

The Spot-On Virtual Precinct Captain provides metrics throughout your campaign. You can also get a look at creative performance for in-house A/B testing.

Insider Tip: FAQ

Just getting started with online ad placement? Have a question from a client that needs and answer NOW? Check out Spot-On’s handy-dandy FAQ.

Spot-On Online Town Crier

The Spot-On Online Town Crier’s suite of games and contests apps helps campaigns and candidates make the best use of Facebook’s social and political networking capabilities.

Personalized for your campaigns, the Spot-On Online Town Crier apps can share goals and messages, provide up-to-date news and information, and give supporters an effective and popular way to share and discuss your efforts.

The data we collect helps target online buys for maximum messaging performance and impact.

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