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Media Buying With Spot On's Pinpoint Persuasion

No ad network understands local online advertising better than Pinpoint Persuasion. We offer the media buyer or planner a vast, up-to-date online database of online news outlets, combined with precise targeting technologies, to help zero in on your target voters, reaching them in their local cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Pinpoint Persuasion also offers several products, including political ads placement and rich media advertising, that will help simplify your media planning and stretch your ad dollars.

With Pinpoint Persuasion, you get digital media buying with:

Online Media and Political Campaign Experience

Spot-On's unique combination of experience in political campaigns and online media, offers campaign managers and the media buyer planner a bridge between the worlds of politics and technology.

In-Depth Media Buying Research

We've already done all the footwork to gather circulation data, reader profiles and more from thousands of websites. You just tell us whom you want to reach; we've got the data to find them.

Media Buying Relationships

Online media buyers in politics need quick access to the right publishers to win campaigns. We've already built relationships with online publishers and we know whom to call so clients get the best value for their online ad spending.

Results and Analysis for the Media Buyer

Once a campaign goes live, we collect data on who's looking at your ad, what site they're on and more. We then help you understand and interpret these statistics. Political campaign strategies evolve through this round-trip analysis of data, allowing you to respond to results to move voters and win campaigns.

Insider Tip: Use Local Online Ads

Today's voters have literally thousands of information sources to choose from. They use the Internet at work, at home, on laptops and mobile devices. Pinpoint Persuasion's database of demographic data sifts through this multitude of choices to reach voters on the right sites and the right devices.

Insider Tip: Internet Advertising Standards

To learn more about online advertising standards, visit the Internet Advertising Bureau site. Or call us and we'll walk you through the details of creating an online ad with the right specifications.