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Introducing Spot-on’s Virtual Slate Card

Smaller campaigns, particularly local elections, may not always have the money to do a large online ad buy that suits their needs. But on the web, like-minded campaigns can combine their resources to do a joint ad buy. We at Spot-on call this our "Virtual Slate Card.”

Virtual Slate Card Map

Do you have a group of candidates running in one geographic area who are trying to reach the same group of voters? Or, perhaps you have several clients who don't have the funding to do a full online ad buy all on their own?

Spot-on has a solution that helps your clients. Our "Virtual Slate Card" can help your group, club or party get the word out about a campaign or candidate, easily and efficiently.

With one online buy, a group of candidates can reach the voters who matter to them the most - the ones in their neighborhood - using their combined ad purchases to leverage better rates and exposure. And they'll drive home a message of unity for the organization and cause across your media market.

In November, 2011, the San Francisco Democratic Party used Spot-on’s Virtual Slate Card to make its citywide endorsements. Banner ads for each voting district were created and targeted by zip code. Look at the map on the reverse and you can see the ads the party ran in different parts of town.

The result: Voters saw ads for the candidate running to represent them, not the stranger on the other side of town. By combining several small ad buys into one large buy, the San Francisco Democratic Party expanded the reach of its ads, and got a volume discount.

Spot-on’s Virtual Slate Card:
A cost-effective solution for online ads



Insider Tip: Media Buying Planning

Pinpoint Persuasion will provide you with metrics during and at the end of your campaign. But you can also get a look - for free- about how a site is performing. Just have your web master install Google Analytics.

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