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Pinpoint Persuasion Products and Services

Spot-On offers a set array of advertising products fine-tuned to the needs of political campaigns, designed to simplify their online media buys, save time, and stretch precious advertising dollars.

Online Ad Buying


Virtual Slate Card


Online Town Crier

Pinpoint Persuasion's database of more than 4,500 local news outlets is broken down by zip code and Congressional District. We can tell you—quickly and accurately—how to reach voters in the outlets they trust. And we'll give you pricing to fit your budget.

Spot-On's Pinpoint Placement uses on-site tagging to help campaigns learn more about active and potential supporters. We then use this information to target ad buys.

Pinpoint Placement helps campaigns of all sizes collect the data they need to target ads on their own so they don't need to rely on guesswork or the sometimes clumsy demographic categories created for commercial products and ads.

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If you're running a local election you can expand your ad dollar’s reach by joining with like-minded campaigns in a joint online ad buy through our Virtual Slate Card.

With one online buy, a group of local candidates can reach the voters who matter the most to them—the ones in their neighborhood—using their combined ad purchases to leverage better rates and exposure.

For example, a mayoral, a city attorney, and city council candidates with a common union endorsement could each buy a portion of a single ad that would rotate through each candidate's district. Each participant helps by contributing to a larger buy that reaches more targeted voters. Their costs are shared and their reach is expanded.

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Spot-On’s Online Town Crier Facebook applications are specifically designed to help political campaigns and candidates spread the word about their efforts—and learn more about supporters.

Online Town Crier helps campaigns and candidates make the best use of Facebook's social and political networking capabilities, helping campaigns personalize their messages, provide up-to-date news and information, and give supporters more effective ways to share and discuss news.

An Online Town Crier SampleApp is up and running on Facebook. Give it a try. Once you've accepted the app, drop us a line. We'll show the data we've collected - yours included - and tell you how that valuable information can help create a targeted ad online buy that has maximum performance and impact.

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