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Online Advertising for Election Campaigns

President Obama's 2008 victory changed more than Washington D.C.; it also rocked the world of political campaigning. By combining traditional field organizing with local online advertising and social networking, Obama created an effective and efficient network of hundreds of thousands of supporters and donors.

Political Online Advertising Made Easy

Imitating this success is not simple. Online advertising has complexities—and benefits—that are not part of traditional media outlets. Pinpoint Persuasion's team of experienced political professionals and online ad salespeople takes the mystery and confusion out of the complexity and helps you make the most of the benefits.

Understanding Banner Ads and Media Buying

We've put together materials and information based on that experience to help orient campaign managers to the power and reach of online media.

Online Advertising Best Practices for Campaign Managers: Get started with this overview of the "Do's and Don'ts" of online advertising for an election campaign.

A Bit About Online Ad Technology: Learn about online ad specifications and why they're so complex.

Insider Tip: YOU Make Banner Ads Better

Put a face on your ad. It's clear that voters respond better to ads carrying the candidate's face. We've seen higher than usual click-through races for ads carrying pictures of candidates.

Insider Tip: Use Local Online Ads

Today's voters have literally thousands of information sources to choose from. They use the Internet at work, at home, on laptops and mobile devices. Pinpoint Persuasion's database of demographic data sifts through this multitude of choices to reach voters on the right sites and the right devices.