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Political Media Buying Through Pinpoint Persuasion

Whether you're managing a local ballot initiative, or running for office in a City Council or a U.S. Senate race, you know which voters you need to reach to move the numbers. Spot-On's Pinpoint Persuasion helps you reach those voters through targeted local online media that places your display banner ads in front of readers who care about their local communities. Pinpoint Persuasion's database of local and geographically targeted national websites includes in-depth data on reader demographics, as well as results — culled from campaigns we've run around the country — for campaign and advocacy ads on those websites. We match your target voter information and campaign needs with this information to build an online advertising plan that returns results.

Let Pinpoint Persuasion help you reach voters where they live online.

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Insider Tip: Campaign Tools

Facebook, the social networking site, has become a key part of any online campaign operation. At Pinpoint Persuasion, we have a set of best practices that will help you get the most from Facebook as a campaign tool.

Insider Tip: YOU Make Banner Ads Better

Put a face on your ad. It's clear that voters respond better to ads carrying the candidate's face. We've seen higher than usual click-through races for ads carrying pictures of candidates.